From Heat-Resistant Car Seats to Fever-Tracking Baby Stickers

 - Nov 26, 2015
These gift ideas for babies are perfect for helping stressed-out parents survive the holiday season. In recent years, a number of companies have developed new products to help parents care for their newborns. These products range from high-tech gadgets such as temperature-telling soothers to more basic items such as eco-friendly nappies.

Many of these new products use technology to help parents monitor the health of their baby. For example, there are smart sensor sleeping pads that help parents keep track of their child's development. There are also breath-watching baby monitors that keep track of vital information such as an infant's breathing rate and temperature.

Beyond monitoring the health of their child, many parents are also looking for products that can encourage creativity and imagination. Some baby-friendly gadgets include orchestral audio toys, playful programming books and practical playmat beds. These kind of products are not only fun for infants to play with, but they can also help to foster logic and reasoning skills at an early age.

With so many options to choose from, these gifts for babies are sure to delight parents and infants alike.