Snugbags' Merino Wool Sleeping Bags Keep Infants Cozy and Comfortable

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: snugbags
Snugbags specializes in baby duvet products that are designed to keep infants warm during cold, winter months. Featuring the brand's signature design -- a wearable blanket style -- Snugbags' baby duvets are cozy, comfortable and most importantly, easy to put on.

Each of the company's products is lined with a high quality merino wool -- sourced locally from New Zealand -- and boasts a light-weight design that is warmer than one may expect. Snugbags' baby duvets feature a three layer system that keeps infants protected from cold winter air when used in a stroller. The infant bedding accessories can also be used in a heated home, changing warmth levels according to a baby's temperature.

Appealing to eco-conscious parents, these baby duvets are not only locally sourced but are also ideal for those living in cool climates.