- Jul 18, 2016
Camo-inspired items seem to be popping up all over the place. Camouflage used to be synonymous with army fatigue but over time it has become a huge design element for other products. What was once something worn only by the military is now being worn by everyday people.

Initially, camouflage clothing started appearing in street fashion and then translated onto the runways. Although the traditional pattern can come off as masculine, French fashion label Carven designed a line that included feminine camo-inspired pieces with a color palette of white, magenta and purple hues. The clothing was eye-catching and made a fashion statement, garnering media attention.

Camo-inspired designs are no longer limited to clothing and can be seen on shoes, cars, stuffed toys and even ice-cream -- yes, camo ice-cream is real and it was created by Baskin-Robbins. The novelty ice-cream was a great way to attract consumers, especially foodies and kids.

Camouflage has become an interesting and edgy aesthetic and that attracts consumers. It's no wonder more and more unrelated items are banking off of the military-inspired pattern.

From Army Inspired Clothes to Camouflage Patterned Ice-Cream: