These Organizers are Made of Red Wing Leather and Printed Canvas

 - Apr 5, 2014
References: redwingshoes & coolmaterial
Keeping everything in your pocket somewhat accessible usually results in a messy table in your foyer, but these Red Wing leather valets are a stylish solution to that problem.

Red Wing boots can stand up to just about anything. These valets are made with actual Red Wing boot leather so you know they’ll last. To add some style, these valets are lined with stylish printed canvas. Choose between camo, bandana or polka dots-patterned canvas. The layers are stitched together using a classic 1940s Singer sewing machine. Everyone of these cool little pocket-emptiers are handmade in the USA and measure 8 square inches.

These stylish organizers can be added to homes or offices to keep anywhere a little more organized. This combination of modern looking patterns with the durable Red Wing boot leather is easier on the eyes than your scattered accessories would be without it.