'Good Night Charly' is a Multipurpose Baby Monitoring Device

 - Aug 27, 2014
References: goodnightcharly & psfk
Good Night Charly is a new baby monitor that aims to help parents better navigate the sleepless nights that come with taking care of a young one. The device syncs to parents' smartphones, allowing them to better care for their baby in a number of ways.

Good Night Charly contains a built-in microphone, speaker, thermometer and hygrometer. The mic and speaker allows parents to communicate with their baby from afar; the thermometer and hygrometer update parents on temperature and humidity levels.

This baby monitor also allows parents to download songs and lullabies from iTunes and Spotify to sooth their babies to sleep.

The device's name mimics that of the 2010 Disney comedy Good Luck Charlie, which follows the trials and tribulations of a family navigating the unique challenges of unexpected later-life parenting.