From Temperature-Tracking Soothers to Smart Baby Bottles

 - Jul 13, 2015
A range of smart baby wearables and other app-connected innovations serve to offer modern parents some well-needed peace of mind. Deemed by some as 'digital parenting,' the progression toward connectivity in all regards ensures the comfort, safety and health of children aged zero to two at all times.

While some may argue that early humans in caves were able to succeed in raising children without innovations that involve the 'Internet of Things,' smart baby wearables that perform tasks like tracking and reporting a young child's temperature can streamline the day-to-day of any busy modern parental unit.

Especially in the case of much-dreaded conditions like SIDS, wearable technologies for those under the age of two offer potentially life-saving solutions that could make the difference. Additionally, smart devices that provide white noise when a baby is crying can make the difficult task of sleep-training a child much easier.