Raiing Medical's Smart Baby Thermometer Adheres Under the Arm

 - May 13, 2015
References: raiing & betaboston
Trying to get a reading on a baby thermometer can be a challenge for parents, so Raiing Medical developed the iThermonitor as a way to easily monitor and understand a child's wellness.

The iThermonitor consists of two parts: a hypoallergenic temporary adhesive patch that is applied under an infant's arm and a smartphone app where the data is sent via Bluetooth. In consultation with the information available from the Thermia database, this infant temperature device supplies parents information about healthy temperature, fevers, symptoms and the appropriate treatments and medications for abnormal temperatures. Since data is sent to the app every four seconds, this sticky patch can be kept on a child so that their temperature can be monitored during sleep without disruption.

As well as having uses for young children, the iThermonitor also could prove useful for alerting doctors of signs of infection in patients who have just gone through surgery or chemotherapy.