The Babybe Haptic Feedback System Connects Premature Infants to Their Moms

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: babybemedical & springwise
In order to connect babies in the ICU to their mothers, one company developed a haptic feedback mattress. The Babybe translates the mother's heartbeat into a tactile technology. This way premature infants can still feel their moms even when they are unable to be held.

The Babybe haptic feedback system contains three components. The turtle is a cushion-like device the mom holds to her chest as sensors track her heartbeat, breathing patterns and chest movements. This connects to a mattress that is made out of a high-tech gel substance that mimics real skin. It goes inside the ICU and imitates the movements collected by the turtle. The third piece is a control nodule that makes a record of the turtle's data and can deliver customized audio therapy.