From Virtual Reality Campus Tours to VR Vending Machines

 - Sep 6, 2015
As virtual reality technology expands to become more accessible to the average consumer, various VR applications speak to the potential future uses that may not have seemed obvious to everyone.

'The Trip' is an immersive virtual reality-powered spinning class created in collaboration between Les Mills and 24-Hour Fitness. The high-intensity class features a large cinema-style screen at the front of the class that helps transport riders to a tranquil, scenic bike path.

Meanwhile, the British Museum has partnered with Samsung to feature a Bronze Age experience that is supplemented by artifacts in the Museum's collection. The experience is the first offered by the British Museum and took place over the first ever Virtual Reality Weekend event for guests.

Finally, Deakin University in Australia is using virtual reality to give prospective students and their family a bird's eye view of the campus. The footage was produced using a drone with a 360-degree camera attached and is an example of VR applications that seek to bridge the gap of proximity.