This Recreation of Magritte's Work is a Stunning Virtual Reality Painting

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: & fastcodesign
In a phenomenal use of video game software Unreal Engine 4, artist Ali Eslami has incorporated several works by Rene Magritte into on stunning virtual reality painting. The experience takes the viewer through two connected rooms referencing 'The Listening Room,' and 'Unexpected Answer,' two of the Belgian surrealist artist's most recognizable paintings.

Several windows in the two rooms detail two more of Magritte's works; 'Evening Falls,' and 'Call of Peaks.' The haunting, familiar imagery of Magritte's work is both heightened and contrasted by the presence of that imagery in a digital space for the first time.

This interesting use of virtual reality software is a clever way to display the range of uses for such technologies, which are well-suited to the surreal, dizzying world of Magritte.