This Invention Offers Consumers the Thrill of Flying from Your Desk

A successful Kickstarter campaign was launched by Daniel Church to support the creation of his virtual reality cockpit program, FlyInside. This program doesn’t just allow you to feel like you’re flying, but it also brings the perks of your earthly desktop windows along with you.

FlyInside FSX uses Oculus Rift technology in combination with Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D to bring you a virtual reality cockpit that can also display desktop windows of your mapped out journey, stats on the mountain range below or even your twitter account and favorite cat videos.

The money supporting Church’s campaign has already helped incorporate Leap Motion technology so that the user can see their hands acting within the virtual reality cockpit. As the technology progresses, the user will be able to flick switches, steer wheels as well as reach out and touch the display windows.

For the ultimate multi-tasker, if flying a plane isn’t enough, FlyInside will be sure to keep you entertained on an interactive journey.