- Dec 3, 2015
Both augmented and virtual reality have innovative applications in terms of entertainment.

One particularly interesting entertainment-centered application of virtual reality is that of the Courtauld Museum at London's Somerset House. The tiny yet impressive gallery known for its Impressionist collection recently launched a VR application that allows art lovers to experience standing in the museum's Wolfson Room, which contains masterpieces of Manet, Monet and Renoir.

Separately, NextVR is a Laguna Beach-based brand creating immersive virtual reality experiences. In order to celebrate the kick-off of the 2015-2016 NBA season, NextVR streamed the opening game of the season for all of its users.

Although very different, virtual reality as well as augmented reality both have an abundance of applications in the entertainment realm, for people of all ages both inside and outside of the home.

From Virtual Festival Tours to VR Cricket Experiences: