HoloLens Lets You Interact with the Virtual World in Physical Space

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: microsoft & mashable
Augmented reality glasses have been in intense development as of late, but you can't help but be transfixed by these hologram glasses. Microsoft HoloLens paints an unbelievable digital picture of what the world could look like in a couple years' time, the moment you don a pair of these hi-tech shades.

With this cutting-edge headgear on, the wearer could virtually overlay one or many screens onto walls or floating in mid-air, enabling you to watch TV, engage in video conferencing, play games, or carry out complex design projects in 3D. Beyond what meets the eye, these hologram glasses have integrated sensors that react to your gestures, interacting with your view. The possibilities seem endless with such advanced convergence technology, futurizing consumers' entertainment, social lives, education and work.