Manus Machina is Developing a More Intuitive Alternative to the Joystick

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: manusmachina & techcrunch
Currently, controllers that complement the virtual reality experience for gamers are sorely lacking in quality; but that might all change thanks to Manus Machina. This Dutch startup has been developing a set of gloves that are meant to replace the need for a joystick. Tech Crunch writes, "And while Manus Machina is not the first company to try its hand (pun intended) at a data glove as an input mechanism, co-founder Stephen van den Brink says other examples have been focused on niche use-cases — such as scientific research — whereas the team is aiming is to ship a mainstream consumer product with a price-tag to match."

This could be an exciting addition to the VR and gaming industry alike.