Disney Animator Glen Keane Uses the HTC Vive to Draw Characters

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: gizmodo & designtaxi
Disney animator Glen Keane recreates beloved iconic characters using the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and Google’s Tilt Brush software.

This video created by Future of StoryTelling explores the possibilities of how virtual reality will change the way artists express themselves. For Disney animator Glen Keane, it brings his imagination to life. While each character from Tarzan to the Little Mermaid's Ariel exist in his head, they can now exist in real life-like forms. Using the HTC Vive allows any artist to created life-sized characters.

Glen Keane describes the process, which allows him to use every direction north, south, east and west. He also comments that the characters are actually moving in space, enabling the creator to draw a 3D figure. This unique art-inspired virtual reality headset will change the way artists create and express their imaginations.