From Socialite Sister Apps to Educational VR Board Games

 - May 4, 2016
These Gen Z gaming innovations range from socialite sister apps to digitized board games that blur the lines between physical and virtual reality. In addition to standouts like intuitive toys that can be connected to an accompanying app, other notables include celebrity-branded mobile games that follow a fictional journey to stardom.

While traditional board games are becoming more tech-focused and educational, branded celebrity offerings fuse entertainment with an unexpected sense of realism. Though targeting a tween audience, Gen Z gaming examples like Katy Perry's mobile game chronicle a user's path to fame while revealing the hard work and sacrifices that precede stardom.

Similarly, clever financing games like a bee farming simulator aim to teach children about money management from a young age while branded design platforms -- like IKEA's collaborative gaming app with Dreamworks -- encourage self-expression and creativity.