This University Engrosses Visitors with a Flying Virtual Reality Tour

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: psfk
While other university tours involve following an overenthusiastic student around campus by foot, Deakin University takes visitors on a flight journey through a virtual reality tour. With a school of Information Technology, this University is the perfect school to adapt the classic campus tour to something more innovative and alluring.

A drone flies around campus, taking aerial photos and videos so viewers can experience its entirety. While this is not the first school to create a VR tour, it is the first to transform the very room viewers stand in into the experience. Projecting the images on every wall, a giant walk-in headset is essentially created.

Providing experiential visits to dorms, classrooms and halls, this virtual reality tour also proves to students and parents the institute's level of innovation. Soon, campus virtual reality tours will be the norm as similar experiences are also succeeding, like virtual reality tours of real estate or automobiles.