VirTra Helps Law Enforcement Improve Shooting Accuracy, Virtually

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: virtra & wired
VirTra is a portable firearm and combat training simulator that provides realistic visuals to improve accuracy during difficult real-world scenarios. The virtual reality system can be set up with up to five screens, creating an immersive experience with weapon simulators that helps to increase awareness and train for calmness during periods of high stress.

This simulator helps officers hone life-saving decision-making skills and reflexes from the protection of a secure simulation environment before they are needed in the real world.

Over the past few years, the public has been left wondering if certain actions in shooting incidents initiated by law enforcement officers were justified. As a result, this kind of training technology is proving useful for new officers, as well as those who are required to re-qualify for the force with routine shooting accuracy tests.