Icaros by HYVE Provides a Stimulating and Entertaining Way to Work Out

 - Jun 9, 2015
References: hyvedesign.net & hypebeast
Icaros by HYVE is a futuristic take on the traditional home gym. It's a rig that users are meant to balance on while wearing a virtual reality headset. Essentially taking the 'work' out of 'workout,' it's positioning itself as 'bodytainment,' as developer Johannes Scholl puts it. People will be able to discover space, explore the Amazonas and even fly through the perfect wave as they engage their bodies intently.

Although still a concept, Icaros by HYVE will be part of a crowdfunding campaign to make it a reality. Although elaborate and expensive, people will appreciate the immersive experience obtained "while doing your left/right and up/down moves, you train primarily shoulders and back. Also, your abs and your lateral abdominal muscles are trained intensively," writes the company. After all, who wouldn't want to have fun while getting fit?