The VOID Center Gives Participants a Full Body and Mind Virtual Experience

 - May 10, 2015
References: thevoid & laughingsquid
The VOID is a pop-up virtual entertainment center that combines technology and reality to create a full body and mind adventure. VOID is aiming to achieve a completely physical connection to virtual reality.

The experience begins as soon as guests enter and are immediately transported to an enchantingly mystical and dark alternative universe. Participants of the VOID virtual reality centers will experience "elevation changes, touching structures and objects, feeling vibrations, air pressure, cold and heat, moisture, simulated liquids and smell."

VOID enhances the replication of reality by using motion simulators that move 360 degrees with three options to roll, pitch and yawn/lift. By using 'Rapture' for the head mounted display system, participants are experience visuals beyond the traditionally used VR systems. This means custom optics, quantum dots and dual high-density curve display which enforces the full body and mind experience.