From LED Concert Wristbands to 360-Degree Digital Concerts

 - Apr 19, 2016
With the advent of new technology, it has become easier than ever for musicians to create interactive concert experiences that can be shared with fans. This not only refers to fans who attend concerts and festivals, but also those at home who are looking for a way to enjoy the experience remotely.

When it comes to live music, one of the ways musicians are connecting with fans is through social media. For example, Ed Sheeran asked fans to take live video of his concert and then share it online to create fan-produced music videos. In contrast, Air Miles offered reserved ticket access and special surprises for members who follow specific artists on social media.

In addition to helping artists connect with fans at events, technology is also being used to create interactive concert experiences for those at home. For instance, Icona Pop used Samsung's new technology to provide fans at home with a 360-degree digital concert. Similarly, Kasabian gave fans an opportunity to view its concert from afar using Visualise's VR headsets. These experiences ultimately help to bridge the gap between musicians and fans located all over the world.