VeloReality's Indoor Cycling Videos Let Riders Race in Cold Weather

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: veloreality & springwise
If you are an avid cyclist but are struggling to train in snowy or overly-cold weather conditions, this technologically advanced indoor cycling equipment is a big help in the off season. VeloReality utilizes virtual reality and cycling videos to help cyclists race each other without having to leave the house. The VRide Multi connects bikers to a digital network so riders can enjoy the sense of camaraderie and competition even in poor weather conditions.

The VRide Multi product builds on VeloReality's indoor cycling software and HD video platform. Users plug in the VeloReality USB stick into their training bicycle and load the Europe-wide map showing other users. A variety of training courses are available, which allow you to fast-forward the video to the current position of another rider so you can ride beside each other or race.