From Smart Bike Devices to Data-Driven Cyclist Apps

 - Sep 9, 2015
With growing interest in bicycles as a means of environmentally friendly and economical transportation, there is a simultaneously growing array of cycling apps. Whether it makes the ride more fun, safe or direct, these apps enhance a cyclist's every day experiences.

The 'BikeSheildApp' is an example of a safety-enhancing application that allows cyclists and drivers to communicate in order to avoid collisions. It does this by alerting each person if the other is in their blind-spots five to 10 seconds before a crash may occur.

Another example of these advanced cycling apps are navigational devices like the 'SmartHalo.' The SmartHalo is a round device that lights up to direct the cyclist which direction to turn in order to get to their predetermined destination. The device is attached to a cellphone app that can also track routes, distance and calories burnt during their rides.