From Make-Believe Medical Gowns to Hospital Jungle Gyms

 - Jun 10, 2015
Since hospitalized children are often deprived of play for long periods of time, students, healthcare professionals, parents and brands are stepping up to make positive changes to kid's hospitals.

Large-scale examples of this include the Royal London Hospital Morag Myerscough room, which is designed to make kids feel as though they have been shrunked down in size, as well as the Ambulance Playground installed at the Beit Cure hospital in Malawi. Since cost often prohibits the creation of these elaborate environments, other worthy examples take the form of kid-friendly CT scanners, medical gowns and IV bags.

As far as technology is involved, some of the neatest creations are the Huggable therapy robot teddy bear and Samsung's eMotion project, which uses virtual reality to transport sick kids to an amusement park temporarily.