The iPad Apptivity Chair Replaces the Old Mobile with Mobile Tech

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: gizmodiva & likecool
Where you once saw bobbles and toys dangling above your baby, the iPad Apptivity Chair slots in a tablet. The Fisher Price product is based upon the reliable bouncy seat that infants and parents adore, yet this model has an extending arm that's designed to hold something hi-tech.

Mom or dad's touchscreen device can be easily slipped into the cantilevered casing that softens the corners for added safety and protection. You can adjust the angle of the vivid display so that it faces your young child comfortably, and it can be moved aside when it's time to pick up or put down your little one.

The iPad Apptivity Chair can be used to captivate your crying kid with cartoons, music and visualizers. It can also entertain in webcam mode, or occupy toddlers with interactive games.