The 'Cry Translator' Determines What a Baby's Cry Means

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: facebook & crytranslator
The 'Cry Translator' is a medically tested device that will determine what each sob or tear from a baby actually means. This unique device is eliminating the language barrier between infants and adults.

The Cry Translator looks like a remote control that will translate the sounds a baby makes into actual text that describes its needs and wants. The device reacts within three seconds of hearing a cry. It works by holding the controller about one foot from the baby and is able to reveal a baby's thoughts in only three seconds. The problem areas that this translator can assess are things like hunger, sleep, discomfort, stress or even restlessness caused by boredom.

This particular system has been tested and used by different pediatricians. In order to translate the thoughts of a weeping child, the system requires users to eliminate background noises that can interfere with its functions.