From Neon Galactic Lookbooks to Feminist Advocacy Menswear

 - Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 fashion trends range from galactic clothing catalogs to understated menswear editorials that promote classic elegance and low-key styling. When it comes to the month's photography examples, disco-themed and bohemian portraits revive fashions from the 70s for a new generation.

Other September 2015 fashion standouts include retail examples like stylish mobile boutiques that follow a food truck-inspired sales model along with experimental pop-up shops that blend high fashion with art. In addition to these retail examples, independent fashion is becoming more socially conscious. From anti-bullying tees to upcycled industrial apparel, emerging designers are addressing important environmental and social issues through their stylish clothing collections.

Furthermore, the month's more unexpected fashion innovations include bizarre leg-slimming tights, recycled plastic jackets and 3D-printed dresses that blend powerful aesthetics with modern technology.