The Tam Sandals Range Boasts Soft and Comfortable Footwear

 - Aug 4, 2015
The Tam sandals collection is designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. Blending both architectural and athletic inspirations, this footwear range is unexpected and androgynous in its overall look.

Boasting a genderless design, the Tam sandals range features styles that mold to one's foot for maximum comfort. Each of the brand's unique shoes is designed to make a statement but does so in a way that is not specific to gender. From open-toed to close-toed sandal designs, Tam's accessories are always structured and even more colorful.

This exciting range borrows from athletic footwear and is crafted from a blend of durable elastane and leather materials. Though unexpected, the material combination works well together and features a healthy blend of hard and soft textures.