Complex Magazine's 'Hot Tropic' Series Highlights Beach-Ready Apparel

 - Aug 13, 2015
Photographer Juco's latest editorial for Complex Magazine highlights tropical menswear looks that reference styles from the 90s. The editorial, titled 'Hot Tropic' boasts a mix of nostalgic casuals from some of the fashion industry's most daring talents.

Featuring pieces from Jeremy Scott, James Long and Bobby Abley -- whose pieces reference Disney hit 'The Little Mermaid' -- this image series is nostalgic and effortlessly cool in its overall look and feel. The feature is lensed against beach-inspired vignettes and includes images that resemble magazine cutouts from retro publications.

Styling for this tropical menswear feature is courtesy of Matthew Henson who dresses model Reid Rohling in a wardrobe of graphic tees, grunge denim staples and graphic statement knits that embody a nostalgic air.