From Masculine Makeup Products to Urban Rebel Apparel

 - Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 fashion for men trends range from colorless streetwear collections to footwear subscription services that are created with both style and convenience in mind. As the fashion industry continues to embrace luxe sportswear, traditional athletic garments like varsity jackets are given a high-fashion overhaul -- Valentino's latest menswear range includes varsity-inspired clothing that is embroidered with insects and botanical motifs.

When examining the month's footwear fads, a collective focus on style and comfort is key. From vibrant sneakers to co-branded motorcycle boots, these September 2015 fashion for men examples seek to express niche interests through one's sense of style.

Other standouts include men's beauty examples like age-reversing skincare collections and masculine cosmetics that moisturize one's face while hiding imperfections flawlessly.