This 2015 T-Shirt Collection by Undercover Features Various Faceless Images

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: store.hypebeast & hypebeast
UNDERCOVER designer Jun Takahashi created this unique collection of fall fashions which contains shirt logos of faceless men. This creative expression of art and fashion poses an abstract way of visualizing the human face.

While we are accustomed to seeing shirt logos that feature people such as celebrities, these unique and faceless shirts provide a fresh perspective. The wearer is able to create their own understanding or interpretation, which makes each shirt feel unique and authentic.

There are various faceless images that appear on both white and black shirts, which contributes to the brand's versatility. By creating a variety of designs, the collection allows the brand to reach a broader range of consumers while appealing to diverse tastes. The collection is set to launch in the fall and winter of 2015.