From Astrological Isolation Pods to Noise-Cancelling Audio Gadgets

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gift ideas for introverts range from astrological isolation pods to noise-cancelling headphone gadgets. Whether looking to unwind from a busy day at work or seeking peace and quiet after too many social interactions, introverts will fall in love with these privacy-promoting products.

Standouts include distraction-free smartphone docks that are ideal for introverts who enjoy unwinding with a book in hand as well as face-shielding visors that protect from the sun rays while ensuring that social interactions and small talk is avoided. Other favorites include sleep aids like personalized pillows that mold around one's body as well as shaded sleep pods that cancel outside noise while promoting a sound sleep.

Additional innovations include privacy screen tables that are a nice addition to home offices along with flight bands that can separate travelers during long airplane rides.