Greater Than by Code and Theory Tunes Out Annoying Bosses

 - Oct 9, 2014
References: codeandtheory & fastcodesign
In an age where expectations are at an all-time high and staying connected is so easy that it is hard to disconnect, a stress-reducing device such as Greater Than is something just about anyone can use. Although it doesn't do anything to cease hectic distractions, the stress-reducing device promotes well-being by measuring the electricity coming off your brain and producing one of several musical loops in response to what it senses.

Through these soothing sounds, the stress-reducing device is meant to calm the wearer. Designed by Code and Theory, who recently executed online redesigns for Vogue and the L.A. Times, the stress-reducing device is something every workplace should get behind. Code and Theory's director of Industrial Design, Geoff Baldwin, says, "It’s meant to invoke this moment of indulgence. That’s why it’s a candybar shape."