Tuttomio by Emanuele Magini is a Cozily Enclosed Workspace

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: campeggisrl.it & neatorama
The first thing that might come to mind when viewing Tuttomio by Emanuele Magini, an industrial designer based in Milan, Italy, are the teacup rides in amusement parks. The way they go round and round while concealing and then revealing its occupants is very similar to this piece of furniture. The only difference it that it won't give people vertigo.

Created to provide people with impromptu privacy, Tuttomio by Emanuele Magini is a chair with swiveling walls that cozily enclose a small desk and seat. Essentially a modern take on the traditional study carrel, it gives people the option of controlling their environment. The inner wall layer can be left open or closed depending on desire.