This Shirt is for Anyone Who's Walked Into The Club Like an Introvert

 - Oct 23, 2014
References: lookhuman & buzzfeed
A playful reinterpretation of a Macklemore lyric, this t-shirt by Look Human reads, "Walk up to the club like what up I have social anxiety & I want to go home."

Have you ever walked into a club and immediately regretted it? Have you looked into the sweaty, writhing mass of pulsating bodies and felt like choking with panic? Does the thought of a stranger touching you, asking your name or offering to buy you a drink fill you with an inescapable urge to run? If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, chances are that your social anxiety is too crippling for clubs.

Clubs are the free-spirited and open-hearted. They're for guys who DJ part-time and girls who sleep with guys who DJ part-time. They are no place for you and you know it, so why not don this playful t-shirt at home instead?