This Wired Jewelry Collection by Akiko Shinzato Challenges Beauty Standards

 - Aug 9, 2015
References: akikoshinzato
London-based designer Akiko Shinzato created a line of elegant, wire-framed jewelry pieces that are designed to enhance one's facial features by shielding them altogether.

Each piece of jewelry is designed to act as an extension of a cosmetic product such as eye shadows and mascara. The pieces of jewelry mimic the idea of glasses, but are transformed into more elaborate accessories. For example, there are eyewear-like pieces that cover Akiko Shinzato's eyes with massive diamond-like jewels. The jewels are held in place with gold-plated brass. Other items involve images of a completely different person's eyes and mouth. Each piece of jewelry from nose accessories to ear pieces are held in place with perfectly balanced wire aids.

These pieces of jewelry are non-traditional forms of accessories that incorporate stones and images to enhance facial features.