These High Fashion Dresses are Supercharged with Car Parts

Experimental Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht recently designed four stunning dresses that are supercharged with car parts. The designer is well known for her projects that infuse fashion with new technology with past creations including an animatronic dress that attacks intruders, as well as a mood-shifting dress that reacts to a wearer's emotions. Her latest project is focused on cars and helps to showcase recent innovations in the automotive sector.

The designer's high-tech dresses are made from 3D-printed pieces that help turn regular car parts into experimental couture. The dresses feature parts from Audi's new A4 sedan, including elements of the car's virtual cockpit and infotainment panel. By re-framing this new technology in the form of high-fashion, Wipprecht's designs serve as a commentary on connectivity and personalization.

The dresses that have been supercharged with car parts are set to be featured at various Audi showrooms throughout London, Beijing and Milan.