- Sep 25, 2015
Whether preventing sweat and odor or detecting one's emotional state of mind, these innovative fashion materials are changing the way consumers respond to clothing. In addition to eco-friendly organic cottons, the fashion industry is embracing unconventional materials like banana fiber and hemp -- processed to make natural fabrics that are environmentally friendly and durable.

These organic fibers are reducing waste and are an extension of a health-focused movement that has transformed the food and beauty industries as of late. Moreover, smart fabrics are becoming more intuitive with mobile devices -- from smart sensor socks that are app-connected to track athletic performance to calorie-burning vests that are designed for astronauts.

Ultimately, these innovative fashion materials aim to enhance comfort while preventing inconveniences like stains, excess sweat and unwanted odors.

From Stain-Free Shirts to Mood-Sensing Textile Collections: