This Piece of High-Tech Fashion at SXSW Turns Transparent

Intimacy 2.0 is perhaps the best example of eye-catching and thought-provoking fashion at SXSW. This high-tech project explores the relationship between intimacy and technology via the use of high-tech garments. These garments are crafted out of opaque smart materials that become more transparent when in close physical proximity to people.

These dresses are embedded with heart rate sensors that slowly transition the dress from opaque to somewhat transparent when the wearer is aroused. At first thought, this may all seem just like a gimmick. However upon further reflection, it's possible to see how this example of high-tech fashion at SXSW could become commonplace in the future.

It's common knowledge that our clothing and fashion choices influence people's perception of us. Intimacy 2.0 turns that equation around, using people's influence on us to manipulate what we're wearing.