These Sustainable Sunglasses are Made Using Pedal-Power and Recycled Wood

Ohio-based company 'Featherwood Frames' is producing a pair of sustainable sunglasses that are made in a pedal-powered workshop. The handmade wooden sunglasses not only help to protect your eyes, but they also benefit the environment.

The start-up operates out of a pedal-powered workshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The shop is equipped with a repurposed exercise bike, which is fixed with a 90 pound steel flywheel. This flywheel helps to power the belt sanders, grinders and a bandsaw. There are additional stand-alone machines that also use pedal-powered to finish the production process. All of the wood that goes through the manufacturing process is salvaged local hardwood that would otherwise be thrown out.

By using recycled materials and a low-energy production process, Featherwood Frames is able to make sustainable sunglasses that are low-carbon and eco-friendly.