F-abric is Designed to Biodegrade Quickly Once Placed in a Compost Heap

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: freitag.ch & gizmag
Swiss clothing manufacturer Freitag -- owned by brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag -- is producing a special fabric called F-abric that is specifically designed for quick and easy composting.

The F-abric material is made from a blend of flex and hemp fibers along with modal fibers created by spinning cellulose obtained from beech trees. A special weaving process contributes to F-abric's ability to quickly disintegrate once composted. Wood pulp-based Tencel yarn is used to sew the sheets of F-abric together, helping it compost quicker.

Clothing made with this fabric will biodegrade completely in only around three months once placed in a compost heap. The line consists of men's pants, women's and women's shirts and a bib dress.