Always Have Clean Delicates with 3D-Printed Disposable Underwear

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: bloomberg & gizmodiva
With 3D printing proving to be able to create almost anything, there is now 3D-printed disposable underwear that will ensure you never have a dirty pair of undergarments in your drawer.

This fascinating creation was designed by an inventor in Israel named Tamar Giloh, who is also the entrepreneur of the company Tamicare. Her inspiration for this product came from an unconventional source: heavy menstruation. This underwear is designed with a type of sanitary pad in it for women to wear during their periods and then dispose of the pair after they wear it once. The inventor and her team started creating 3D-printed underwear using a fabric known as "cosyflex" which is biodegradable.

3D-printed underwear is an eco-friendly product and Tamicare can create 10 million panties a year.