Protect Your Eyes & the Planet with these Sustainable Shades

 - Sep 21, 2013
References: dizmeyewear & coolhunting
Dizm has created a brand new range of eco-friendly eyewear. These sunglasses have a dual-function: protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays and protecting the environment from harmful landfill waste. The design team at Dizm definitely had the environment on its mind while designing these super sustainable, plant-based resin plastic sunglasses. You can wear these sunglasses and feel great knowing that you’re also doing your part to decrease the impact on our landfills and oceans.

These sunglasses are biodegradable (so if you lose or retire them, you can rest easy knowing they won’t be contributing to environmental waste), they feature polarized lenses for optimal protection and maintain a stylish look with classic Californian-inspired frames like the cleverly titled Eco Dempsy, Eco Herbie or Eco Heartbreaker. If you care about the environment, definitely pick up a pair of these smart, sustainable frames!