From Portable Shade Providers to UV-Sensitive Umbrellas

 - Jul 2, 2015
As much as most people can appreciate soaking up the sun, skin health and UV protection remain font-of-mind for many consumers. In order to block overexposure to the sun, many people are going back to basics with hats, towels, tents, sunglasses and other beach essentials that have been specifically designed with better skincare safety in mind.

Since it's often said that sunscreen should be applied during the winter months due to the glare from the snow, products like the Blue Jean Umbrella and the Cat Stroll UV Umbrella demonstrate more emphasis being put on UV awareness and skin protection for all seasons.

Since UV protection is becoming a serious concern for consumers as they go about their daily lives, this is being addressed with products like protective contact lenses, windshields and hair sprays.