Marietta's Sports Contact Lenses Are Like Tinted Sunglasses

 - Dec 7, 2013
References: cosmetic-lens & fitsugar
Initially, Marietta Optometry’s sports contact lenses might just look like the kind of colorful contact lenses you might put in for Halloween, but they’re much more hi-tech than that.

Its line of Sun Tac Sport contact lenses are tinted so that they provide the same UV protection as wearing a pair of sunglasses would. Options for the sunglass-like contact lenses are available in regular or prescription types, as well as options that cover just the pupil of the eye or the entire iris. The contacts are available in natural ‘Sun Tac’ and ‘Gray’ colors, as well as other brights like amber, blue, green and yellow.

The Sport Tint contact lenses are perfect for sporting activities in the summer or winter, where wearing glasses or sunglasses will just hamper your performance and enjoyment of the sport.