- Jan 28, 2015
In just a couple of years, the market for virtual reality headgear absolutely exploded, surprising consumers with products that they never could have imagined. Leaders in the industry include innovations related to Google Glass and Oculus Rift, stimulating the expansion of hardware and software to create out-of-this-world experiences.

Most significantly, the video gaming industry has benefited from the advancement of augmented reality accessories that make cyber challenges come to life in 3D. Sensors facilitate eye tracking and bodily movements, enabling wearers to view a spectacular digital fantasy around them.

Day-to-day life too has been addressed with virtual reality headgear, visors, eyewear and headsets of all sorts. Users of hi-tech spectacles can see maps overlaid onto natural urban perspectives, and they can read messages and watch videos for some amazing multitasking.

Innovative Hologram Glasses to Augmented Reality Visors: