This 3D Motion Simulator is Controlled by Human 'Actuators'

 - May 6, 2014
References: & gizmodo
Haptic Turk is a prototype 3D motion simulator game that turns you into a virtual character and immerses you into realistic 3D motion simulation situations. The game includes different variants. In the flight simulator mode, the player wears 3D glasses and lies on a pair of slings held by four human 'actuators' or 'turkers.' A fifth person controls the special effects

The player's display is mirrored on a TV screen, projector or smartphone display for the turkers, who can trigger motions. The system generates motion instructions for the turkers by detecting virtual collisions in advance. For this reason, the 3D motion simulator system appears best suited for slower simulations such as hang glider flight rather than fast-paced simulations such as car racing.

The beauty of Haptic Turk is that it adds physical and social dimensions to simulations that could otherwise be quite isolating.