Urban Sense is an Innovative and Info-Giving Companion for Sightseers

 - May 1, 2014
References: koenbeljaars & yankodesign
The Urban Sense concept proposes a way for visitors to a new city to experience something between a guided tour and a casual wander on one's own. This hi-tech gadget is a pair of binoculars that would sync with your smartphone and inform you of your surroundings.

A slot in the cutting-edge set of peepers is designed to dock your mobile phone so that the two devices can operate together. Working with an app, Koen Beljaars' invention would employ augmented reality to enhance the sights that you see before you. When appreciating architecture, for instance, the viewfinder would display floating text upon the skyline, describing what's in sight. The user would be able to pan around, zoom, and even receive notifications from the Urban Sense about noteworthy landmarks in his vicinity.