From Alcohol-Themed Tech Accessories to Spray Can Phone Cases

 - Sep 26, 2015
3D iPhone cases offer protection and amusement. These phone protectors come in all kinds of designs from cartoon classics to weird and quirky.

The Valfre brand is known for its line of colossal phone cases. 3D iPhone cases such as the Boys Tears milk carton and the Basic Repellent spray can, protect your phone with a sense of humor. 3D iPhone cases also appeal to the foodies. The Moschino french fry case is sure to evoke a craving for McDonald's while the Starbucks coffee case is an ice coffee that never runs out.

These 3D iPhone cases also include super fun cartoon phone cases. A Superman phone case is sure to save your phone like the superhero saves the day whereas a plushy Minions phone case is protective and squeezable.