The Lobster iPhone Case is Both a Phone Protector and a Prop

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: gizmodiva & news.cnet
While many of us are usually vying to own a sleek and modern case to match our equally lustrous smartphones, the Lobster iPhone case is one that truly deviates away from the norm.

When first hearing the product's name, you may think that it has an adorable lobster decal on it ; just a quick gander through these pictures lets you realize that the iPhone case is not joking around. The case looks like the real lobster with its bright red color and anatomically correct parts. This case would work great for those hoping to get a few laughs or stares when using their phones out in public. Or, the case could also double as a fun prop for a sketch comedy show.

The Lobster Phone Case looks so real that you wouldn't want to leave it around at a restaurant or it might just end up on someone's plate.